Property Management Brisbane Northside


"In late 2009, after suffering the consequences of a series of bad tenants in my elderly mother's investment property, I realised that self-management was not the way to go. During the final stages of repairing and renovating the home, I contacted Rob Grant to appoint Grants Real Estate to take over the management of the property commencing January 2010. I chose Grants because their office was the closest to the rental property. That was a serendipitous choice, as they have proven to be excellent in every aspect of their management of the property. Initially, they vetted a number of prospective tenants and recommended tenants who proved over the years to be ideal. Rob Grant is firm but fair with both landlord and tenant, ensuring that good tenants remain good and the property is well cared for and maintained in the long term. In the recent past, many of my dealings have been with Rob's son Tim and it is clear that he is carrying on the Grant's Real Estate tradition of excellence."